Trillionaire: The Card Game (4-player)

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No one has ever had a trillion dollars, but that's about to change.

One billionaire has discovered an ancient secret, triggering an unknown force to open wormholes across all of reality, transporting the billionaire elite from every dimension to a strange and unknown world. Why? To do battle against each other until the first trillionaire is born.

Who is behind this gathering? A secret force? An unknown entity? No one knows, but only one can become the first trillionaire! Are you ready?


  • Pre-created decks #1,#2,#3 & #4 (50 cards per deck for a total of 200 Deck Cards.) Contains all four Dimensions currently in game!
  • 24 communal Cash Cards
  • 12 mini dice
  • 1 normal die
  • 4 Lawsuit Markers
  • Instruction booklet
  • A box to hold your precious game!