Trillionaire Development Update #1

Welcome! This is where we will be posting updates about the development progress of our card game, Trillionaire. We are preparing the game and the Kickstarter campaign (where it will be launched) simultaneously.

What's already done (except for any necessary tweaking):

- Game mechanics

Game rules

- Card text

- Character names and descriptions

- Kickstarter reward levels (pricing not finalized)

- Initial landed manufacturing quotes obtained

- Shopify created (you're on it right now), email list splash page is live

- Facebook page is live

What we're currently working on:

- Kickstarter project page

- Character art (we have 6 great artists working on this right now, and the sketches look fastastic)

- Additional manufacturing quotes, trying to get costs down

- Pricing for Kickstarter rewards

- Reading Jamey Stegmaier's very informative Kickstarter blog entries

What needs to be worked on:

- Art for other cards (Control Cards, Lawyer Cards) and card backs

- Branding and box art

- Graphic design for cards. box, instruction manual and Kickstarter page

- Community building and participation

  • Commenting on tabletop gaming blogs
  • Asking for more feedback on BGG
  • Making a BGG game entry
  • Posting a WIP on BGG
  • Getting game samples to community in physical form
  • Getting game to playtesters via print-and-play


More updates to come!

- Tom


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